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Deck Maintenance

Stained and Sealed Deck

Being constantly exposed to the elements, your deck truly takes a beating and needs regular deck maintenance in order to remain both attractive and structurally sound for years to come. How you care for your deck going forward depends entirely upon its current condition. If your deck has suffered years …

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Green Landscaping

Environmentally-Friendly Landscape

Are you looking for ways to drastically change your landscape design, have less impact on the environment and save yourself money in the process? Look to the Southwestern United States to see how modern green landscaping can be improved by doing away with yards that are centered on lush green …

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Summer Relaxation On Your Hammock


There is nothing better than relaxing in the summer sun and taking in a slight breeze resting on a hammock. One of the outcomes of working hard all day, tolerating a nagging boss and running the kids all over town, is the need to relax on your hammock. One way in ehich you …

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