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Decorating Fireplace Mantels – Tips to Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace was a very important object for the decorated. This is because once you enter a room in which it is located, you will instantly see a fireplace mantels as a focal point. You can put anything to decorate your mantels. If you are confused about the things you should do and how you need to put some decorations, here are some tips for decorating fireplace mantels.


Before decorating, you should think about the things you want to place. Think about things that you really like or impressive. It can be photos and book, also anniversary clock. Just choose a really special thing that you will not make your fireplace mantels look messy. If you have decided the things you want to put, now you can start decorating fireplace mantels. The way you put those things can be symmetry and asymmetry. If you want to give a more formal atmosphere in your room, symmetry is the best choice because you will make the right and the left as an exact duplicate.

If you want to have more room to relax, you can use the asymmetric style, in which the left and right side differ. It depends on the room where your fireplace mantels is usually used in. When decorating fireplace mantle, you should put the things in odd numbers. This can be done using three plus one, where you can put the three things together like polished mahogany wooden bowl filled with pine trees, carved wooden vases and wooden candle holder at the end of one of the fireplaces. At the other end, you can put a big coat mahogany clock. Decorating fireplace mantels is very easy. Just keep in mind that the accessories you used is in complementary colors and place them correctly. It won’t be time-consuming or high budget consuming.

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