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Felt Decorations for the Christmas Tree

Create your own felt decorations for the Christmas tree – Decorating the Christmas tree each year presents a challenge to the imagination and the wallet, especially if you’re that kind of people who changes the decorations every year. If you’re a do it your self person, you might be interested in making these felt decorations for your Christmas tree this year.

Elegant-Christmas-TreeFelt is a inexpensive material, you can get it in a variety of colors and is also very easy to work with using a few stitches and glue to create beautiful decorative pieces. If you want to decorate your Christmas tree with felt figures, start by getting all the necessary materials: several pieces of the desired colors of felt, glue, thread, needle and decorative details such as beads, buttons, sequins and even glitter.

Begin by choosing the decoration pattern you like then place the felt on a piece of paper or cardboard to trace the pattern. If you can get zig zag scissors or other types of scissors that would be fun. Cut out all the pieces that you traced, sort them and begins to sew. The seams do not have to be too neat, as the thickness of the material can hide small imperfections.

Once you have cut and sewn the parts together (if necessary), fill them with cotton or synthetic padding and begins to give the finishing touches: glue or sew on sticks, berries or buttons, use markers, beads and glitter, use little craft items that you have on hand-be creative! You can let the little ones create felt Christmas trees or other simple patterns making this a fun holiday family activity.

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