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Textured Walls For Interiors

Almost every home comes equipped with flat walls. Not that they are boring, but they could be dressed up to add a unique addition to the home. One way you can dress up flat walls, is to re-texture them. A re-textured wall adds extra personality to your home decor. While you could call in a professional for the job, you  can make this project a DIY family activity.  You will be surprised at the level of work that can be achieved when you work on a textured walls project together as a family.

Ideas For Beautiful Textured Walls
Textured Wall Ideas

Things To Do

Before you begin texturing the walls, be sure to lay some drop cloths about the floor. Place them near windows and the floor to ensure your space stays free from spills and dirt. Be sure the cloths overlap as well, as you don’t want things to get too messy and hard to clean. After you have placed your drop cloths its time to start painting.

Ideas For Textured Walls 

For this textured walls idea, you will need to add a thick coated layer of drywall compound (1/8’ thick) to your walls. Apply only one wall at a time, as it needs to be re-textured right after application. After application, take out your texturing tools. Use a small whisk broom to add a grass cloth look to the wall. You can do this by sweeping the broom down the wall from top to bottom in a vertical motion. You can also use a large comb instead. The ticker the comb the better. Move the comb vertically down the wall to create thick vertical textured lines. Move the comb in an s-like pattern for a different feel.

Another option is to utilize a sponge to create a beautifully textured wall. Using the porous side of the sponge, blot the wall with paint and let the porous side of the sponge create a great texture. An old rag can also be utilized for a similar, less dramatic look. You can also texture the walls using other methods, example wallpaper, specialty paints, and specialty tools.

Check out the galley of textured walls ideas below!

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