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Green Landscaping

Are you looking for ways to drastically change your landscape design, have less impact on the environment and save yourself money in the process?

Look to the Southwestern United States to see how modern green landscaping can be improved by doing away with yards that are centered on lush green grasses.

Environmentally-Friendly Landscape
Green Landscape

There are many benefits to making this adjustment. Some of which include a smaller impact on the environment because of the smaller amount of water needed to maintain it.

It also means less maintenance as the need to get out there and cutting the grass every other week is virtually eliminated. What would you do with the hours of your life you would get back from not having to maintain your yard as much?

Perhaps the most important benefit is the cost savings. Think of how much lower the water bill would be if you weren’t watering your grass on a regular basis throughout the drier summer months.

Here are some ways to implement this style of landscaping:

Incorporate Natural Materials

If you’re starting from scratch regarding the construction of your home’s landscape, consider opting for gravel as opposed to pavement for driveways. The process of crumbling natural stones can be a lot less stress on the environment than the creation and application of other paving elements.

Reduce the Amount of Grass

While not a popular option in areas outside of the Southwest U.S., reducing the amount of green grass in your landscape has a much smaller impact on the environment because you’re not using as much water to keep your grass at those vibrant green levels.

The impact on the environment is further reduced because of less chemicals (such as weed killers, etc.) are required to maintain it appearance.

The environment forever, won’t be the only thing feeling less of an impact. Your wallet will also get some relief as you will be seeing reduced water bills during the summer months.

Incorporate Plants That Can Thrive Without Constant Watering

For the same reasons mentioned above, incorporating plans that don’t need constant watering is also a good idea for your flowerbeds and other areas of your landscape where other shrubbery would be placed.

There are plenty of drought-resistant plants that are easy to maintain and are actually better options for those without “green thumbs”. A few of these include Sunset Strain, Cape Blanco, Angelina and Sempervivum.

Whether it’s for pure aesthetics or for more purposeful reasons, adapting elements of southwestern landscape design can be incredibly beneficial.

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