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Making A Small Living Room Wonderful

Many people simply do not realize how little space they actually need in order to have a comfortable living room. A living room is for watching TV, gazing at the fire, socializing or merely for conversation. Some people do Yoga in the living room and it doesn’t need much space either.  In fact, you are perfectly fine as long as you can walk around the furniture.

Many people simply do not realize how little space they actually need in order to have a comfortable living room.You can get a fascinating small living room design simply by having the right mindset an appropriate furniture layout . Here a few lay-outs that are proven to work.

  • The Classic Combo:

A coffee table, two chairs and a sofa is one of the most popular combos and it is all you need to create an intentional and cozy conversational area. You will be fine with this style as long as you have enough room that people will not bump their knees with the furniture.

  • A Time Honored Arrangement:

Setting a sofa and two chairs at 90-degree with each other with a single side serving table for both will totally revamp your small living room without doing anything special. You can use a traditional large ottoman table as a  footrest or a coffee table to make your room look even more spacious.

  • Make a Fireplace Center of Focus:

Some small living rooms do have a fireplace and it is best to make it the center of focus. You can do so by arranging the furniture in rectangle, square or circular arc around the fireplace. It is not necessary to have all furniture facing the fireplace to make it the focal point.

  • A Two in One Room:

If your room performs dual duties, use style, color and décor to have a unified small living room design. For instance, if your room is both a dining area and a  living area, the furniture should be arranged in such a way that there is no break between them.

  • Go Miniature:

Some people make the mistake of placing large sofas in small living room when a loveseat can better perform the same function for them without covering as much of the space. This makes the living room cozy and formal at the same time.

  • Formal and Traditional:

You can also create a very formal and  traditional atmosphere in a small living room as well as make it look bigger by using a glass coffee table, a mirror and complementary light colors. This will not only create a comfortable ambiance but will add to the beauty of the room as well.

  • Use Small Side Tables:

It is a good idea to use two or three small side tables instead of one large side table. They will also make  good coffee tables and you can rearrange them where they are needed. They will also work perfectly with any type of sofa and chairs.

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