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Bathroom Ideas Photos

Browsing through Bathroom ideas photos may inspire you to make your bathroom into a multipurpose room. Besides serving your personal needs, your bathroom should be a retreat from the outside world that offers a place to relax in beauty and luxury. Even modestly-sized bathrooms can be decorated to present a bold statement similar to surroundings in a luxury resort or a charming atmosphere reminiscent of  a country garden depending on your tastes and style.

bathroom ideas photos 2013

Make a dramatic statement

Use vivid colors taken from bathroom ideas photos to liven up your walls. Dramatic colors can create a bold statement in any room. Using deep colors like dark red, forest green or plum can give a small room a sense of drama that it might otherwise lack. The dark colors can also help create a sense of intimacy that makes the room feel warm and comforting. Start with a bold color in the tone you want. Think carefully about the feeling you’re trying to create using the bathroom ideas photos. The colors on the cool side of the color wheel such as navy or olive give the bathroom a sense of strength. Use orange or golden deep shadows to give the bathroom a feeling of warmth. Balance the main colors with brilliant accents from  the opposite side of the spectrum to give the room a sense of balance. For example, match the light blue with shades of deep yellow. Use the light blue painted details to add interest to the room.

Visit the coast

Bathroom ideas photos with coastal themes can help you come up with designs that lighten a bathroom and make it feel roomier. A small bathroom might seem claustrophobic and enclosed. Reduce this effect with a color scheme that brings to mind places associated with light and air. A beach theme or ocean can achieve this goal easily. Paint the walls of the bathroom sky blue. Paint clouds in the edges of the walls or even the ceiling. Add a light brown border around the edges of the room to create the illusion of a coast. Use stenciled or freehand paintings of  birds to create a border one or two inches (2.54 or 5.08 cm) from the top of the walls to give a feeling of being at the beach.

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