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Outstanding Small Bathroom Ideas

If you need another small bathroom but have  limited space, there are many small bathroom ideas that you can use to create a comfortable and practical restroom. You can convert a bedroom closet or other small space, but it is necessary to first think about how to handle issues relating to discharges and water pipes. It is best to choose an area that is adjacent to existing pipes and drains, such as those in the main bathroom, to avoid the need for major construction work. If this is not possible, small bathroom ideas such as specialized shredders can be installed. If your home has crawl space beneath the floor where you wish to install the bathroom, this would also make it easier to add new plumbing.

small bathroom ideas with tub and shower

To improve the appearance and functionality of existing small bathrooms, begin by thinking of the essential elements you need. You can make the most use of available space by choosing fixtures such as sinks and toilets that are modern and efficient. These newer versions often take up less space and are more aesthetically appealing than older fixtures.  Another idea to make the most of the space in a small bathroom is to replace bathtub shower combinations with a shower stall thus eliminating the need for the extra space a tub takes up. Other small bathroom ideas include maximizing wall space by using recessed lighting in the ceilings, installing shelves, placing towel racks on the wall space above the toilet and mounting hangers on the back of the bathroom door for robes and clothing.

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