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Cool “Walk In Shower” Design Ideas

There are many wonderful features available for people who want big, beautiful bathrooms where they can relax in comfort and style. With a bit of creative thinking and the right budget, they can have the bathroom of their dreams. One of the latest design trends are walk in shower design ideas that feature a universal design that works for everyone, regardless of age, size, ability or special requirements. These showers that combine beauty and function make the bathroom safe, accessible and fun to use.

Walk-in shower designs offer comfort and convenience.
Walk-in shower designs offer comfort and convenience.

Cool walk in shower design ideas are the way to go for maximum flexibility for your bathroom. These showers are easy to walk into or roll a wheel-chair into. They have ledges for sitting. Most have hand-held shower heads that are attached to flexible hoses that make it easy for bathers to use no matter how tall or short they are. Many even feature steam baths, music and multicolored lighting features.

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