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Fabulous Decorating Ideas for Small Bedrooms

You want your bedroom to be an oasis of comfort and beauty, but how can you achieve this when your bedroom is small? By keeping in mind a few fabulous decorating ideas for small bedrooms, you can create a relaxing retreat that is both visually appealing and functional. Keep these things in mind:

1. Limit furniture to only a few pieces that are chosen for both their beauty and function.
2. Choose a bed size that matches the size of the room to free up valuable space and prevent the room from appearing cluttered.
3. Make sure you choose curtains, wallpaper, accessories and other decor that has a simple elegant design. Avoid large bold prints. You could even opt for solid color walls and use wall decals to display a favorite quote instead of using wallpaper.
4. Select light colors for walls to make your room appear more spacious. If you simply must have darker colors, bring them into the room with a few well-chosen pillows, lamp shades or small area rugs.
5. Install adequate lighting to enhance the appearance of a small room. You can choose gentle and soft light to create a sense of tranquility in your small room, or brighter whiter light to make it feel more vibrant and modern. You may even choose to install a small chandelier in place of a more traditional light fixture to add a touch of luxury to your small space.

Decorating ideas for small bedrooms can be found in unexpected places

Look for Fabulous decorating ideas for small bedrooms in unexpected places. For example, you notice that your favorite cafe stores their fruit in hanging baskets, that idea might work well for storing your scarves and gloves. Your neighbor uses a wooden stool as a plant stand, perhaps you could find a wooden stool to use as a small night stand. One advantage of a small bedroom is that you  can quickly and easily change out design elements to keep the room fresh and appealing.

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