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Small Bedroom Decorating for a Baby’s Room

Many modern homes are characterized by small bedrooms and limited space. This could present a problem when designing a baby’s room that includes a crib, changing table and storage for diapers and baby clothes. Incorporating a few ingenious small bedroom decorating ideas could free up valuable space in your nursery.

First, choose multifunctional furniture that will save space. For example, select a crib with built-in drawers or a dresser with a changing table for the top. Carefully consider furniture placement, as well. The center of the room should be left open and the crib and other furniture should be placed against the walls. Put a storage chest under a window and add a cushion so that it can be used for seating. Install shelves higher up on the walls for additional storage.


elegant small bedroom decorating ideas

Another small bedroom decorating idea that will help the room feel mores spacious is to paint the walls and ceiling in very light and bright colors.  White, cream, sand, mint green, pale yellow, even gray are all excellent color choices. To enlarge the sense of height, it is best to paint the ceiling white. If you want to increase the sense of depth, paint horizontal stripes. You can also paint the back wall a slightly darker tone than the rest of the room. This works especially well  if the wall includes a window. Light colored wood with a polished finish is preferable for floors since it will reflect more light and is easy and convenient to clean. Avoid stone or ceramic tile which can be a cold hard surfaces not suitable for babies as they begin to crawl and learn to walk.


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