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Tips for Small Bathroom Decor

A small bathrosmall bathroom decorating tipsom is very suitable for a minimalist home. A few tips for small bathroom decor can dramatically improve the look and feel of this small space. First, choose bathroom fixtures that are small and limit how many are used. You only need a single sink, a toilet and a showerstall for the bathroom to be functional. Second, use large floor tiles to give the impression of a lot of floor space. Third, incorporate visual elements that open up the space such as ceramic tiles installed in a diagonal pattern. Fourth, use brightly colored paint. This will make the room feel larger and more vibrant. Finally, install towel bars and shelving to cut down on clutter and give the room a tidy appearance.

These tips for small bathroom decor will improve the way your bathroom looks and feels. The bathroom’s small size does not mean it must lack style. There is beauty in simplicity. It is not the size of the room that matters, but rather, the attention to detail. Check out the image gallery for more great small bathroom decor ideas.

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