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Easy Romantic Bedroom Ideas

Incorporating a few romantic bedroom ideas can add warmth, comfort and luxury to your private space. The following are tips that will help you create a soft intimate atmosphere with a shabby chic couture style. First, paint the walls a pale color such as rose, lilac or ecru. Next, choose curtains that have a soft flowing texture. Choose fabrics such as velvet, silk dupioni or lace. Choose colors that coordinate with the room’s wall color. You can use thin wispy curtains and still achieve a dark room for quality sleep by installing blackout shades behind the curtains. Other romantic bedroom ideas include reducing the amount of furniture you have in the room and making the room an exclusive retreat for relaxation and romance by removing office furniture, children’s toys, and other items that are distracting. Pay attention to the lights in the bedroom. Avoid overly bright lighting by using candles or vintage lamps with soft white light bulbs. You may even choose to use a rose colored bulb in a bedside lamp to fill the room with a romantic  glow.

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Awaken your senses by displaying fresh-cut flowers from the garden or farmers’ market for visual appeal, and use aromatherapy candles or potpourri for fragrance. Use caution when selecting fragrances, you don’t want to overload your senses which could cause a headache. Scents such as lavender or soft bergamot are good choices. A final thought for romantic bedroom ideas is to select sheets, bed-covers and pillows that are soft and luxurious. Satin, linen and velvet are great fabric choices for creating a romantic mood.  Choose a soft colors, and simple elegant patterns.

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