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Crazy Bedroom Ideas Decoration

Although adult bedrooms are primarily used for rest and relaxation there is nothing to stop you from applying crazy bedroom ideas that inspire you and reflect your creative side. Why not get crazy with painting your room and go for bright bold colors, or a trompe l’oeil painting that gives the impression that you are stepping into another world. Add unique features like a giant aquarium or catwalks for your little furry feline friends. Custom built furniture is another option. You can design a high-tech bed with built in electronics such as a TV and computer and cellphone docking stations. Or you could go really low-tech and have all of your furniture made from logs for a rustic cabin look.

crazy ideas for painting your bedroom

You can be creative and come up with other crazy bedroom ideas by choosing a theme to design your bedroom around. This has long been a popular method for children’s rooms, why not use it yourself? For example, you can choose a nautical theme and paint the walls as if they were hull of a boat and sleep on a captain’s bed with storage drawer’s underneath. Display bottles of wine on wall shelves and put an antique telescope near the window. When brainstorming crazy bedroom ideas, it is best to choose elements that you can live with  for awhile because redecorating a room can be quite expensive.

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