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Choosing Curtains for a Bedroom

When choosing curtains for the bedroom it is important to keep three things in mind — style, privacy and size. We often underestimate the impact curtains have on a room. The right curtains improve the room’s overall appearance and can bring a dull boring room to life. On the other hand, curtains that don’t fit the room’s decor or that aren’t the correct size for the window can make an otherwise beautiful room feel unfinished or untidy. In addition to enhancing a room’s appearance, curtains serve two important functions. They control how much outside light enters the room and they provide the room’s occupants with privacy.

curtains for bedrooms ideas

If you choose fabrics that are thin or see-through such as lace or chiffon, it is important to install a second set of opaque liners behind your decorative curtains — or you can install window shades for privacy. Sheer curtains are an excellent choice for rooms that need a soft feminine accent and they work well in children’s rooms and nurseries. Master bedrooms and rooms that serve as offices and guest rooms can benefit from heavier drapes that do not require liners, although shades are still a good idea.

When choosing curtains for a bedroom, measure the length and width of your windows before purchasing your curtains or fabric for making them. Your curtains should extend above the top of the windows and at least a few inches below the window sill. You can install floor length curtains even if your window does not extend all the way down the wall. When the drapes are closed, the full length curtains add the appearance of height to the room. You also need curtains that are slightly gathered across the width of the window even when they are closed, otherwise your windows will appear to be too large for the room. Check out the attached images for more ideas for beautiful bedroom curtains.

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