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Choosing the Best Sofa Slipcovers

One of the fastest and most economical ways to improve the look of a living room is to purchase slipcovers for chairs and sofas that have become worn or soiled. The best sofa slipcovers also offer you a way to change the look of your room each season without breaking the bank. Whether you are buying ready-made slip covers or having them custom ordered there are three things to keep in mind.

best-sofa-slipcoversFirst, look for styles that are easy to put on and take off of your furniture. The best sofa slipcovers have zippers that make it easy to insert and remove cushions without taking off the old covering. These are best purchased through custom-made orders. Another option is slipcovers with elastic that can cover the entire sofa and be tucked neatly. Follow size guides carefully when ordering ready-made slipcovers.

Next, choose fabrics that are durable and stain resistant. Slipcovers come in a wide range of materials including microfiber, cotton and polyester. If you are making a custom order, you can even have them made in vinyl or canvass. Keep in mind that cotton, microfiber and canvass fabrics are more absorbent and less slippery to sit on in warm humid climates. Vinyl, and polyester are easy to clean.

Finally, choose slipcovers that match the style of the room. You may fall in love with a bold floral pattern, but if it clashes with your room’s color scheme or the print on your drapes, it will do little to improve the look of the room. You do not have to find exact color matches, but you do need to look for slipcovers in shades that work well with your palette, or opt for solid neutral colors such as ivory, gray or tan.

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