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Modern Bathroom Designs for a Striking New Look

Nothing makes a home feel old and drab more than an outdated bathroom. Tired worn out bathrooms can also create a lot of conflict between couples who vie for adequate space to get dressed and ready each morning. Modern bathroom designs can give your home a striking appearance and provide adequate space for all your daily grooming routines.

modern bathroom design colors

Regardless of size, there are a few essentials needed for modern bathroom designs. These include a the sink, toilet, shower, countertops and a mirror. To avoid excessive costs, set a budget and make a plan to stay within that budget when renovating your bathroom. Decide what items are the most important for improving your bathroom’s look and feel and spend money on those things first. If you have a generous budget, it is reasonable to replace bathroom fixtures as well as redecorating. You can even consider making the bathroom larger if your budget allows.

Modern bathroom designs focus on clean simple lines and functional use of space. Arrange the layout of the bathroom in a way that makes sense. For example, linen storage  and towel racks should be near the bath and shower, toiletries and personal hygiene products should be near the sink or toilet.  Divide the medicine cabinet into two sections so that each person has their own space for their personal items. You can even do this in closets and cabinets by putting items in different colored bins or designating the right side for him and the left for her and so on.

There is no need for elaborate wall coverings in the modern style bathroom. Solid colors work well. You can even choose to use neutral colored ceramic tiles with perhaps a band of color. Choose light fixtures that bring an element of style to the room.  Understated elegance can bring your bathroom from drab to fab.

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