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Designing the Room of Your Dreams

Have you ever fantasized about having that perfect kitchen, bedroom or bath? Why wait, you can begin designing the room of your dreams right now so that you are ready when the opportunity arises. You can even start incorporating some of your favorite things into the room you already have.

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Start by making  a list of your favorite things. Don’t just concentrate on decor items, list everything you can think of that makes you happy. Close your eyes and brainstorm your favorite scents, foods, textures, sounds, flowers, hobbies, etc. Get at least 25 things on the list. Now think about what kinds of patterns, colors and themes your list suggests. For example if you have coffee, red roses, jazz, blue jeans and puppies on your list you may think of the colors red or brown, soft fabrics, casual furnishings etc.

Now you are ready to choose a color palette based on this list. Designing the room of your dreams does not mean picking a single color and sticking with it throughout the room. This could get monotonous. Instead, use markers, colored pencils or crayons to draw a row of little circles on a piece of paper with the colors your favorites list suggests to you. Put the paper aside for awhile. When you come back to it again cross out all but 5 of the colors you sketched.

Browse magazines and the internet for ideas and inspiration. Do any of the room colors or accessories in the images have colors that are similar to those you have chosen. Can you see them working in the room of your dreams. Your purpose here is to find what speaks to you, not to copy what someone else created. Start a file of photo clippings that have things you love. You can do this the old fashioned way by cutting out pictures from a magazine, or printing them from the computer– or you can save your files digitally on the computer or use sites such as Pinterest to create inspiration boards.

Finally, begin to incorporate some of these ideas into your current room decor. Small purchases that stick to your theme will soon add up to a room that you love. If you get a sudden windfall, are save enough money, you will be ready to add big ticket items that will complete your wishlist.You will soon realize that designing the room of your dreams was as easy as thinking about what you really like and bringing those things into your own home decor.

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