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How to Decorate a Long Narrow Living Room

Long Narrow Living Room – Decorating a long narrow living room decorative can be challenging. Nobody wants to have a living room that looks like a bowling alley. However, you can design a nice decorative scheme if you follow some simple rules. All you have to do to decorate a long narrow living room is mentally divide it into sections instead of seeing it as a whole.

How to Decorate a Narrow Living RoomYour focal point should be positioned on a side wall rather than on the end walls.  If you leave the focus at the end, whether the painting, window or a fireplace, the room will only look longer. You can install a flat screen television to refocus attention to a side wall. Remember to visually divide the long narrow living room into smaller areas. For example, you can have a main seating area in the center and then add two chairs near the fireplace as a conversation area. At the other end, you can put a card table or desk and chair.

Using rugs to divide sectors is an easy way to visually break space. Use color coordinated area rugs in different areas. Each defines its own space and reduces the bowling alley feel of the room. Make sure that your furniture arrangement does not impede easy movement around the room. Also, you should not place a television on a wall where there is heavy traffic  in your long narrow living room.

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