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7 Ideas for Decorating Small Spaces

Decorating very small spaces – If you have a small space for your office you have to be very strategic when planning and organizing your room. Here I share seven simple and inexpensive ideas to get the most out of a small workplace.

decorating very small living spaces

1. Emphasize a wall.

Painting one wall a strong color is an effective way to not only give a touch of fun to the space, but also to make it look bigger. A wall in a bold tone creates the illusion of  openness, says Libby Langon, designer and book author. One way to bring in color when decorating very small spaces  is through wall to wall carpet in an an elegant shade that does not show dirt. Choose a texture that will make your office more attractive and boost your creativity.

2. Create a “window” effect between rooms.

Windows make a small space look larger.  The Washington store, Poppy Seeds, sells vintage decor and accessories. The owners installed old windows on interior walls between to rooms to provide a sense of better air circulation. This is a great idea to borrow for a small office if your office is adjacent to a kitchen or living room.

3. Think vertically.

Place objects and artwork at various levels maximize space and create a design that  is visually pleasing. Hanging shelves at different levels is the easiest way to achieve this effect. Another idea to increase the sense of height is to install ceiling to floor drapes which serve to draw the eye up and down,  recommends Langdon.

4.  Avoid clutter.

Keep things on your desk in small bins that match your room’s decor to reduce the appearance of clutter. The same holds true for files and office supplies that you store on bookshelves. Find boxes or bins to put them in and label them so that you can easily locate what you need.

5. Make your artwork functional

Langdon recommends buying an vintage paintings with a decorative frame to turn into a bulletin board. Back the canvas with foam-board or cardboard before you put it up on the wall. Use push pins to add calendars, to-do lists and other reminders.

6. Use bookshelves as dividers

To make the most use of a small office space, you can use bookshelves in the place of partitions if you need to use a room divider. Now instead of a barrier, your partition is extra storage.

7. Light up your space in different ways

Lighting is important in a workspace, but is especially critical in small places. If a corner of your office is not well lit, the space is lost, says Langdon. The expert recommends using a combination of recessed lights and lamps when decorating very small spaces. This mixture will not only ensure that your whole space is well lit but will also add class and variety.

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