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Cool Beds for Teenage Girls

Try one of these ideas for chic beds for teenage girls to create a stylish room your daughter will love. The best rooms for teenage girls are the ones  with themes that reflect their personalities, so don’t be afraid to ask them what they would like in their room. Some teenage girls still like a pink or purple bedroom with large four-poster bed and stuffed animals and there is nothing wrong with that. Below are some other ideas that might help you find the right room for your teenager.

cool bed teenage girls 2013


Many teenage girls love nothing more than dressing up and wearing the latest styles. Their room should be reminiscent of a high-fashion boutique. Mirrors, shoe-racks and flashy glamour are key features in a room for the fashionista. Make sure that she has a nice dressing table and plenty of closet space. Her bed needs to be high-fashion, too. Whether it is contemporary modern or vintage Hollywood, make sure it is stylish.

Athlete/Outdoor Enthusiast

Beds for teenage girls  that love sports and the outdoors should be more compact so that they do not take up a lot of floor space. This will leave more room for their sports or outdoor equipment. The color scheme should reflect their favorite team’s colors or take a cue from their favorite activity. Make room for trophy shelves, award certificates and lots of photos of their achievements on the walls.


Girls that love to study and have high-tech gadgets will want a bed that has plenty of space for their devices. A good choice would be a bed with shelves built into the headboard. They might even enjoy an adjustable bed that would allow them to sit up and do computer work even in bed. Their room should definitely have a desk and room for extras such as printers, additional computer monitors and other technology.


Creative teenagers need room to polish their talents. Their bed should be a place where they can spread out and work. Platform beds low to the floor are great for this. They can scatter their sheet music, print sheets or sketch books all around them while enjoying the soft luxury of a soft bed. Their room should be an expression of their passion. A great music system and karaoke machine for a musician, or a mini studio for the artist or photographer are great options.

Animal Lover

Chic beds for teenage girls that love animals should be large so that there is room for their furry friends. Make sure that there are extra spreads to throw over the bed for pets to sleep on, or that there is plenty of floor space near the bed for pet beds. Aquariums are another good idea in rooms for animal lovers. Wood floors are great since they will be easy to keep clean with pets around.


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