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Inspiring Game Room Ideas

Game room ideas pictures – Give your children the opportunity to spend their time in an interesting and well-equipped game room. Check out some of the images to get great ideas to use for a game room in your home. Make sure that you keep safety in mind and that you ask for input from your children when designing a game room.

minimalist game room ideas

Easy to maintain  furnishings are very important. Game room idea pictures are a great place to start thinking about the kinds of furniture that would work best in your home. Vinyl, microfiber or even wicker would stand up well to little spills and lots of activity that game room furniture will have to stand up to.  A good idea would be to use furniture designed for the outdoors inside a game room. Avoid cloth covered furniture, especially in light colors. A ping-pong table, pool table or a Foosball  table are some fun ideas to consider, too.

Your game room should have fun decor. Large movie posters, graffiti type art on the walls or lots of sports memorabilia can really perk up the room. For little children, use bright colors on the walls to give an energetic feeling. Put up giant wall decals of their favorite cartoon characters or heroes. For older children, use some of their sports equipment or hobbies to decorate the room to give it extra appeal.

Get creative with storage, too. Chests that double as toy storage and seating are a good idea. Organize the room by having different areas for each activity. You can have one area that has the TV and computer games and an area with a table and chairs for playing board games or puzzles. An over-sized chair near a bookshelf would be nice, too. Each area should have storage for the games, toys and other items that will be used in that area.

As you can see from many game room idea pictures, snack areas are a welcome addition to any game room. A mini fridge and a microwave would be convenient and cut down on the amount of traffic that passes through the house when your teenage children have their friends over. Just make sure that you teach them how to clean up after themselves and not leave food laying around. Smaller children need small table for enjoying cookies and milk  and for imaginary tea parties.

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