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Four Tips for How to Decorate a Living Room with a Minimalist Design

Many urban homes these days have very limited space. With this in mind, here are four tips for how to decorate a living room with a minimalist design to make the most of the smaller spaces of modern homes.

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Minimum Furnishings – Modern lifestyles often call for less furnishings than in the past for many reasons. People often spend less time at home than in the past. In addition, televisions, sound systems and other home entertainment takes up far less space these days. For these reasons, it is easy to pare down the amount of furnishings that are needed in the living room. Find a good quality flat screen TV to mount on the wall and a few key pieces of seating furniture and maybe an end table or coffee table and your living room is complete. If you would like to add features such as a fireplace, there are also compact versions of these in models that are electric or gas. They can even be mounted into a wall to save floor space.

Harmonious colors – Another tip for how to decorate a living room with a minimalist design is to choose colors that are harmonious. Choose three or four shades from the same color family, or choose one bold color and accent with two colors at the opposite end of the color spectrum. You can mix different kinds of prints harmoniously if you choose tones that work well together. The key is to keep the overall room design simple and not to put too many things into the room.

Simple Lines – Minimalist style home decor emphasizes design details that are straightforward and elegant. Unlike other styles such as Bohemian, minimalist contemporary rooms avoid intricately carved furniture details and an abundance of patterns. Lines can be straight or curved, but they are smooth and flowing rather than complicated and intermingled.

Attention to detail – Expert designers know how to decorate a living room that is elegant and stylish by paying attention to every detail in the room no matter how small. Since the room will have fewer design elements in it, every detail is very important. Light switch covers and crooked molding cannot hide behind an abundance of furnishings, so make sure that the room is constructed to the highest quality with the best materials available. Instead of plain plastic switch plate covers, consider brass or stainless steel. Carpets can be a solid color but have a subtle design in the texture. Every drawer pull and every light fixture needs to look great. Cheap or worn accessories will ruin the look of a living room, so be sure that everything in the room is in the best shape.

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