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Designer-Look Home Decorating on a Shoestring Budget

Home decorating does not always require spending a lot of money to achieve a designer look. While it would be great to have an unlimited budget to get the home of your dreams, it is still possible to have a chic stylish home without spending a ton of money. You just need to keep a few tips in mind.

Home decorating does not always require spending a lot of money to achieve a designer look.Do your homework – You can get some terrific ideas from browsing the internet and reading  magazines. Start making a file of things you like. You can even use Pinterest on-line to share your favorite ideas and others will share their ideas with you through “boards” which are just virtual files of images and links that are easy to share. Let’s say that you find a room that has pillows that would be perfect for your sofa. You can track down where to purchase those pillows, or you can use the image as inspiration for finding similar pillows at department stores or find similar fabric and make the pillows yourself. The image file is more for inspiration than shopping when you are on a budget.

Buy vintage – Another way to freshen your room is to buy used furniture from sites such as Craigslist or visit online auction sites or vintage stores. You can often find furniture and accessories that are gently used. Sometimes people need to get rid of really good items because they are moving, or downsizing or they just wanted something new. Check out estate sales, too. You can find some treasures if you are willing to keep your eye out for ads in the local paper and get to the sale early. You can find pieces that look like they came off the show-room floor at thrift stores and bargain centers. Some charities such as Habitat for Humanity have outlet stores that sell brand new items at bargain store prices because they sell items that were donated to raise funds for their projects.

Trade or barter for labor – You can save money on labor costs, too. You may look into trading baby-sitting services for handy-man services. It is a win-win for both parties. Run down your mental list of family and friends that are skilled at tasks that you need completed for your decoration project and ask them if you can make a trade. Maybe you have a swing-set in the backyard that your kids have outgrown. Can you think of a young father who may want the swing-set in exchange for a few hours of helping you hang new cabinets or install counter-tops?

Find less-expensive alternatives – Once paint is on the wall, it will be hard for anyone to tell whether it is designer paint or just an awesome color you picked up at your local home supply store. The key to painted rooms that look like they came from the pages of a home design magazine is more about the expertise used for painting the room than where the paint came from. The same is true of other materials, too. You can find wonderful floor coverings, wallpapers and counter-tops without paying designer prices. Just make sure your installation job is top-notch.

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