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Advantages of Two-Sided Cabinet Design

More and more homeowners are favoring open concept designs in their homes. This gives the house a more spacious feel and make it easy family members and friends to interact with each other even during meal time preparation. Two-sided cabinet design features can be added in the space between the two rooms to keep the sense of openness while at the same time providing elegant and useful storage.

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A good place to use a two-sided cabinet design is over a breakfast bar between  a kitchen and a living room. There will still be plenty of room for someone to enjoy a meal, and there will be an open space between the two rooms, but the extra storage above can be used to store dishes and glassware, or even a selection of wines. You can choose cabinets that have glass doors, and use the two-sided cabinets to display your China instead of taking up premium floor space with a free-standing China cabinet.

Another excellent use of two-sided cabinets are in kitchen peninuslas. By having access to storage on both sides of the peninsula, you can store canned goods or pantry supplies on one side, and perhaps homework supplies, recipe books, or craft supplies on the other side. These cabinets do not have to have doors, they can be open shelves instead.

Two-sided cabinets would work in an narrow kitchen island, too. This cabinet design would allow for easy storage of pots and pans close to the works-pace where they will be used. If your home is pet-friendly, this would also be an excellent place to store pet food and dog bowls. Many cabinet designs even feature built in pet stations now that are designed to perfectly meet the needs of your four-legged friends.

Two-sided cabinets would also work well in a home office. They can be used for the base of a desk or as room dividers to partition off a work area in a room that is used for other purposes. You could even place a television in a two sided cabinet and mount it on a swivel so that it can be turned to face either direction.

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