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Living Room Paint Ideas for a Cozy Atmosphere

Warm colors like red, orange, yellow, butterscotch, and golden yellow are suitable for the cozy style of living room paint ideas. These color tones create a very warm and inviting atmosphere. However, instead of painting the entire room these colors, it is recommended that you paint one wall a darker shade and paint the rest of the walls in more subdued tones. Earthy colors such as slate, forest green and rust are good for painting living room walls as long as you limit how many walls to paint these colors. Brightness or darkness usually refers to how intense the color is. The less color pigment that is added to a white base, the brighter the color will be on your walls. You can get a very dark color, such as chocolate brown or purple in your small living room, as long as you keep the amount of this shade to a minimum by painting only one wall dark.

living room paint ideas picturesModern contemporary living rooms can benefit from cozy atmosphere living room paint ideas. The whole principle with modern design is to create an elegant and streamlined look for the living room. Steel gray, white and black are often preferred over more traditional living room colors in contemporary designs. Pastel also work well for a cozy living room wall. Lime green, purple, coffee, are other colors that exude comfort and charm for a modern home. This color combinations work best when combined with neutral furnishings and flooring.

These living room paint ideas will help you create a cozy and inviting space to entertain your guests and visitors. It also provides you and your family with a comfortable and relaxing place to unwind after a long day.

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