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An Apartment Designed in Soft Pastels and Tender Details

Soft genpastel-color-apartment-ideastle tones of navy blue and pale purple create a feeling of infinite tenderness and comfort in this very modern apartment whose interior design was created by Russian Mango Design Studio. The total area of the apartment, which is located on the top floor of the new building, is 1,023 square feet (95 square meters). This space has an entrance hall, hallway, closet, living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, and bathroom and laundry room. One of the two original bathrooms has been converted into a laundry. A spacious entrance invites guests down a wide hallway.  Part of the hallway is taken up with PACE wardrobes which are the perfect place to store boots, coats, hats and other items.

The Mediterranean look of the living room has the feel of expensive interior design with sky blue color and decorative ceiling beams painted in the same shade. There is white  furniture in the corner for relaxation. The floor is a light laminate. Decorative niches in place of bookcases are built into the drywall interior and down the hallway.  A breakfast bar with sheer construction and high chairs separates the kitchen and dining area. The kitchen also has white furniture , a decision that expands the visual space. The dining table is placed between a wall and a hallway that leads to the bedroom and study.

An unusual feature is a decorative fence that separates the kitchen and hallway. It is a work of art, full of wrought iron and stained glass. “Ashes of Roses” is the chosen color for the walls and interior textiles in the bedroom. An exquisite chandelier is suspended from the ceiling.  Emphasis is placed on the cabinet niches built with plasterboard walls. The work area is directly below the window. A white sofa provides a place for recreation in this space that doubles as a guest room.

The bathroom is fitted with a corner bath surrounded by a green glass surround. The wall is tiled with ceramics in soft navy blue and decorated with floral motifs. Interesting colors create a common atmosphere of comfort and tenderness in this modern home.

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