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Modern Integrated Pool House Design Ideas

An integrated pool is a popular option for new home construction. By designing the pool to be part of the house construction, homeowners get the convenience of having the luxury of the pool within steps of their living quarters. This design also saves valuable yard space. Integrated pools are often designed as an artistic feature that adds to the overall aesthetics of the home. Some integrated pools are even built inside the home which allow the family members to swim year round no matter what the weather outside may be.

An integrated pool is a popular option for new home construction.One modern home designed by Dettling Architekten features a home with a bridge over a pool as part of the entryway to the home. Although it is unusual to have a pool in the front of the house, the beauty and style of this integrated pool is an attention grabber. ONG & ONG have also designed an integrated pool home that is breathtaking. This pool is uses a wood terrace to enhance the beauty and accessiblity of  the integrated pool that is just outside the door.

Another lovely example of an home with an integrated pool is the Robinson Road House designed by Steve Domoney Architecture in Melbourne, Australia. This large open concept contemporary home has two floors of plate glass windows that look out onto a gleaming L-shaped pool that is the home’s main feature. The glass walls give the impression that the interior and exterior of the home are in the same space. A luxurious deck connects the two spaces.

Dhaka-based studio Shatotto Architects created a Bangladesh home that has an interior courtyard completely engulfed by a lovely pool. The four floors of the home all have balconies filled with plants that open out over the pool. The pool even has a small boat for tranquil relaxtion.  The house is built around the pool and the courtyard is open to the elements.

These are only a few examples of modern house designs with integrated pools, but from this list, it is apparent that this trend will continue gain in popularity for its beauty and elegance.

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