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Pallet Furniture Designs

A recent trend in casual home furnishings is to construct pallet furniture designs made of recycled wood. Pallets are the wooden bases used in most warehouses to stack and move heavy freight. They are made out of sturdy lumber in a frame which can easily be picked up with a forklift. There are several advantages to using pallets to make casual home furniture.

A recent trend in casual home furnishings is to construct pallet furniture designs made of recycled wood.Pallets can be free or inexpensive to buy if you know where to look. Small businesses are often a better source than larger warehouses since they are less likely to have a strong recycling program already in place. Many small business owners may be happy to find someone willing to take their scrap pallets off their hands. Always ask before taking pallets because some stores are charged a deposit and will lose money if the pallets are not returned. Small garden and hardware stores may be a good choice or a small engine business. New home builders and construction sites are another good source, but again, ask first. You can also find pallets for sale online, just be sure that you are dealing with someone reputable. Another good source are salvage stores. These won’t be free but they are still inexpensive compared to the cost of new lumber.

By recycling pallets into furniture, you are helping the environment. You are not only saving wood from landfills, you are preventing a number of trees from being cut down by reusing those that have already been removed from the forest. Using pallets also allows you to create pallet furniture designs that are light weight, easy to move and very creative.

You can use pallets to create beds, sofas, end tables, dining room tables, book shelves and cabinets. You can leave them in their present form and stack them like building blocks and add a cushion or two to create seating or beds. Or you can take them apart and refashion the lumber into any size and shape to meet your needs. Coffee tables with casters added to the bottom are a very popular and simple project to start with. You can leave the coffee table as unfinished wood, or you can paint it to match your home’s interior.

Modern pallet  furniture designs can  blend well with traditional and contemporary furniture if you apply the right finishes to the project. A little creativity and well-planned construction can enhance the beauty of any room of your house with pallet furniture designs.

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