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Fascinating One Bedroom Apartments


How do you make a small apartment look fabulous when you have little room to be creative?

Many home design experts suggest using light colors to make the apartment look more spacious. You can be a bit more creative, however, by choosing to add bright colors painted in abstract patterns to liven up your space. Just open up your mind to a few creative possibilities such a modern American classic look. You don’t have to be very brave to try out some bold new looks, after all, if you don’t like them you can easily paint over them. A one bedroom apartment does not have to be dull and boring. It should be more than just a place to lay your head at night. It is a great place to explore your creative design ideas.

Fashionable interior of 1 bedroom apartment

In designing a one bedroom apartment, you can play on the themes and colors to make changes in the decor. One idea is to choose contrasting colors such as black and white, or red and white to build a dramatic effect in your apartment. You can even play colors and textures against each other such as having smooth shiny surfaces on tables and floors but add in knobby area rugs on the floors or soft micro suede sofas and chairs.

Chic one bedroom apartments nyc, Murray HillSmall rooms need small furnishings. It would be wise to choose slim tables and chairs for narrow dining rooms. Another idea is to use built-ins as much as possible such as a small desk built-in to a pantry cabinet. You can even get creative with storage by adding wall shelves and under furniture storage to free up more space. One bedroom apartments will also benefit from a few elegant touches such as a modern style chandelier hung in the living room or dining area.


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