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Exotic Wood Dining Table

When buying a dining table, you need to consider several elements to maintain a balance between form and function. Use some of the following guidelines in determining a proper dining table according to the decor and spaciousness of your rooms.  You also want to choose a table that suits your family’s lifestyle. Some things to consider include shapes, styles and colors that will work with your dining room. Exotic wood dining tables are an interesting choice for families that want something different. They work well with modern decor as well as with more rustic designs.

Some forms of exotic wood dining tables include rare or antique woods, wood that has been submerged for decades or even sawmill cut wood that has been planed flat but still retains much of its natural shape. Exotic wood tables can also be made from driftwood for the base with a glass top. You can find round tables, rectangular tables and free-form tables made from exotic woods such as amazique, Amboyna burl, black gum, black palm, and rosewood to name a few. All wood-grain has a natural beauty, but exotic woods often have unique designs that cannot be found in other species of wood.

Solid Wood Dining Room Table in Soft Maple Custom Tapered Legs Amp Table Skirting
Unique, reclaimed wood dining table.

Think about how you will use the dining room table. A wooden table is durable and scratch-resistant and can be more easily repaired than other choices of materials. On the other hand, solid wood tables are more expensive, and generally are heavier and harder to move if you change homes. Exotic woods can be given a high gloss sheen or a more satin finish, either works well.

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