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Stylish Slipcovers for Wingback Chairs

If you find sitting in your favorite chair to be more uncomfortable as time goes on, it may because the upholstery of your chair is wearing out. A great way to improve the comfort of your well worn wing-back chair is to use a slipcover. Slipcovers for wing-back chairs will also improve the look of the chair and works great for hiding stains until you can afford to replace the chair. Slipcovers allow you to protect furniture and increase the longevity of the piece. They are a great choice if you have young children or pets since you can take them off and run them through the wash to thoroughly clean and refresh the fabric.

Turquoise linen slipcovers for wingback chairs


You will find many designs of slipcovers for your chairs. They can be solid colors or patterns such as plaids and stripes. You can find floral designs or even elegant brocades. The important thing is to find a slipcover that is the right size for your chair since fit makes all the difference in how well the slipcover looks. You want to find the right fabric,too. While you can purchase woven fabric slipcovers, man-made fibers will probably work better especially if they have a bit of stretch to them since they will cling to the shape of the chair once they are put on. You can find a selection of durable slipcovers for wing-back chairs in home furnishing magazines or online stores.

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