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Decorate A Studio Apartment

If having apartment with narrow size makes you feel uncomfortable, you can start designing and managing the condition of your apartment with a design that works well with small spaces. Here are a few ways to decorate a studio apartment that will help you create a more comfortable and functional space.


1. Build space: An apartment with a small size forces you to re-design it to make it more beautiful and beneficial. You can choose the right light neutral colors in order to create a sense of space for your apartment. You can add dark colors on one wall as the focal point. Adding glass to the room is another way to give the room a sense of space.

2. Multi-function furniture: Furniture selections with more than one function are the right choice because it will maximize the use of space since you will need less furniture for all your activities.

3. Arrange the room: you can divide the room according to the benefit function; you can combine a kitchen with a dining room decorated with a library so it looks harmonious. You can decorate your studio apartment with a few simple ideas from these images.

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