JUNON A series switch socket
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In the late twentieth Century

The pull switch is facing elimination
Nail switch became the trend at that time
The pull switch is facing elimination
Nail switch became the trend at that time
In order not to be overwhelmed by the tide, establish brand advantages
Over thousands of households
Understand customer usage
Recognize that the nail switch is too small for hand contact
Poor sense of touch
Through research and development, quality, production, etc
Continuous research and development, inspection and manufacture

Transformed into a "big button", open my brilliant life

The core parts are abundant in materials and stable in quality
Adopt copper screw and copper connection port

With respect to the use of iron screws and iron wiring ports
Copper has the advantage of never rusting
Copper conducts electricity more strongly than iron does
Not only improves the life rate of the product
But also to enhance the stability of product output
In appearance
Germany imported PC material, V0 grade fire prevention
Strong oxidation resistance, not yellow
Radian angle design to create a sense of three-dimensional
Pure white panel, simple and beautiful

Without the ornate outward ornament
But it has a durable heart

Building JUNON brand image


Time flies
From 1997 to 2017, has crossed the 20 year
In these 20 years, we guarantee the quality of safety and reliability
In these 20 years, we will constantly improve ourselves and create the best products
In these 20 years, with a calm, dignified manner
It has created a great success in many cities throughout the country
Win support and admiration from everyone
Among the vast numbers of consumers and distributors
Set up the concept of safety electrician
Form its own brand advantage


Experience 20 years of precipitation
Still outstanding reputation, eternal inheritance
Copper screws and copper wiring ports
Stable performance, long service life
Arc angle design, white large panel
Practical and good-looking
This is the handsome A series
One without promotion
The pure word of mouth a good reputation of the product
A classic product that can stand the test of time and consumers