We are not the heroes, just only ready to help others for a just cause
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JUNON Charitable Donations

At about 4 am in the morning on May 14,there was a gas explosion in the rental housing estate in Guangjiao industrial zone, Beijiao Town, Foshan City. The accident caused Xu Zhengting about 90% severe flame burns and shocked in a coma. He was sent to Guangdong Foshan No.1 People’s Hospital. His body started swelling, blistering, peeling, etc. and he was still in the comatose state. So far, the surgery cost and treatment fee reached more than 1 million. His poor family can’t afford it.

        The injured people Xu Zhengting was our company sales manager Xu Pingzhong’s brother. Xu Zhengting worked in central air-conditioning Shunde electronics factory. His father Xu Fei lost the working capacity because of two times car accidents; His older mother took care of his father and kids. His father has been used up all savings for treatment and in a debt of 50,000 yuan. Now more than 1 million treatment fee was the astronomical figures for Xu’s family. So Xu Zhongping had to sell everything can be sold, but they still had not enough money. They still couldn’t afford the high surgery and treatment fee.

        On May 16, the board of directors of Guangdong Junon Songtian electrical appliance Co., Ltd immediately decided to give Xu’s family 5,000 yuan consolation money and expressed the sympathy and care to them after our company got the bad news from Xu Pingzhong. On May 17, Xu Pingzhong held a crowd funding on the Internet. All staff donated money and forward this links for his brother’s first treatment fee. However, the money from the online crowd funding was still not enough for Xu’s family. Therefore, the Administration department of company held the donation and hope the staff can contribute to our colleague.

        “Love donor” activity lasted 3 days from May 25 to May 27. Take the department as the unit, all staff joined it and eventually raised money near 40,000 yuan.

        This donation showed the excellent spirit of “care about employees and treat your employees as relatives” of JUNON company. Meanwhile, all staff joined it actively that showed the strong JUNON spirit of “Solidarity and friendship, work together for mutual development” drove JUNON to develop rapidly and steadily. At last, JUNON wish Xu Zhengting will have the best treatment and get well soon.