Finally knows why people are planting trees
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Tomorrow is Arbor Day

Let’s talk about how much value of a tree

A tree plays a very important role in the survival of human beings and improves the ecological environment of the earth

Professor Des from India Calcutta Agricultural University calculated the ecological values of the age of 50 years tree

It is calculated that the values of producing oxygen about 31,200 USD

The values is about 62,500 USD the value of toxic gas absoption, 31,200 USD of fertilize soil, 37,500 USD of water resource conservation,

The value of oxygen generating about $31,200, toxic gases absorption about $62,500, fertility soil enrichment about $31,200,water conservation about $37,500, providing birds and other animal breeding sites about $31,250, protein production about $2,500. Apart from flowers, fruits and timber, its total value of about $196,000.

If I can plant some trees, then I won’t work so hard for RMB days and nights.

Governments and press medias takes actions for it in the society

Government sectors drew up the scheme of forests planting for strengthening green construction

Advocating green environment is necessary parts of urban development

Press medias written Tree planting heroes for telling the importance of environmental protection

Why planting trees will become such important?

At the global climate summit, the issue of global warming and reducing carbon emissions has become the focus of attention of all countries.

During 16 years from1933, the sea level f Tuvalu increased by 9.12 cm

We can calculated that the figures will be risen by 37.6 cm after 50 years, which means that at least 60% of the territory of Tuvalu completely sunk in the sea

It is a serious threat for Tuvalu

Domestic haze problem becomes very serious in recent years

You will know what the the pain of breathing in Beijing is

When I got up in the morning, I drawed the curtains aside and thought I was blind

That deeply makes us feel breathing is valued if haze is rare


Although Arbor Day was originally set up to prevent wind and sand, it now plays an indispensable role in reducing carbon emissions 


In the face of domestic and abroad voices, we have to take actions as a member of the global village

We ought to take the responsibility

Start with small things around you

Walk more, take more buses, drive less, use more energy efficient appliances, and waste electricity

JUNON LED lights adopts excellent materials to reach energy-saving environmental protection

Come on, let’s make a contribution to energy conservation and environment protection.

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